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Giacomo, Pepe, Camillo, Daniele and Matteo. These is us, born between 1983 and 1986, with different paths that at some point in our lives crossed.


First of all, oste, because the restaurant room is his stage and he loves to entertain and talk about natural wines and authentic products. Ostreria represents the door that gives him access to Italian haute cuisine, the one made of authentic dishes but above all of people. 


After being at the court of Gualtiero Marchesi, he gained experience as a chef at various restaurateurs and important restaurants, until in 2015 he opened Ostreria F.lli Pavesi together with his two brothers, Pepe and Giacomo. Camillo is a chef and all Bottega Pavesi's creations pass through his hands.


Short for Giuseppe, but nobody calls him by his real name. Rebel in spirit, creative and a cook in his DNA like Camillo. Today he is in charge of the seconds at the Ostreria and over time he has been able to give space to his vocation for teaching in the context of food and wine. Every now and then he goes into the laboratory to check the quality of the products.


He is a huge fan of cured meats, so much so that he worked for more than a decade in one of Piacenza's most important delicatessens; sweet and sour is therefore the half that completes him. Today he is a partner in Bottega Pavesi and an active part of both production and sales.


He studied at the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and subsequently formed his work experience with different realities of the national and international food and wine scene. He has a natural predisposition for human relations and today is in charge of the commercial department of Bottega Pavesi.

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