The ancient methods of food preservation are extremely current and even more so today, necessary for those who want to enjoy a seasonal product all year round: let's start with pasteurisation and sterilisation to create your pantry

Il Manifesto

The seasons mark the manifestation of a rich and ancient biodiversity and man, ever since he became a farmer, has learnt to preserve the products of the land. These are ancestral techniques that have represented and represent a solution to situations of necessity. Smoking, drying, salting, fermentation: there are many ways of preserving a product.

The concept of the pantry that we want to express is based on two themes: the seasons and preservation techniques. We have a unique, incredibly vast agri-food heritage made up of wonderful fruit and vegetable varieties. Preserving products grown and harvested by skilled hands is for us an identity and very important; the pantry, in its broadest sense, stems from here and from the desire to create a seasonal inventory of products for the restaurateur, closely linked to the typicality of the territory. 

Being able to dispose of a processed seasonal product, throughout the year, becomes functional and practical for a kitchen.

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