Seasonality, Balance & Tradition

Tradition, Taste and Territory

The territory is that portion of land where our roots are enclosed and where is contained that biodiversity that distinguishes us from the others, equally magnificent, regions of Italy. We put our passion and try to express ourselves through what is our vision of modern gastronomy. 

Simplicity is one of the factors that we seek and try to introduce in every preparation.

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A Family, First of All

Bottega Pavesi is Ostreria F.lli Pavesi and vice versa; at the heart of these two realities are Giacomo, Camillo, Pepe, Daniele and Matteo, united by a single goal: to best express the noblest concept of Italian gastronomy.

A Glance at the past

In the veins of this group runs the same passion that grandfather Pavesi had when he opened his first osteria, last century. Giacomo, his grandson, is the example of this imprint left; awarded by Carlo Petrini (founder of Slow Food) as the best Oste d'Italia.

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Balance and Seasonality

In all our products we try to preserve the taste of raw materials because they are the essential basis for obtaining something good and healthy. Balance is the other factor that we try to put into every preparation with great care, because simplicity, for us, is also synonymous with balance.